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Can You Repair A Pool With Water In It?

can you repair a pool with water in it

Yes, it is possible to repair a pool with water in it, but the method used will depend on the type and extent of the damage and the location of the damaged area.

For small, localized leaks or cracks, we may be able to repair them without draining the pool. This could involve using an underwater patch or sealant to fix the damaged area. However, this method is not always effective or long-lasting; in some cases, it may be necessary to drain the pool to make a more permanent repair.

For more extensive damage or leaks, draining the pool may be necessary to make a proper repair. This will allow us to access the damaged area, assess the extent of the damage, and make the necessary repairs.

Once the repair is complete, the pool can be refilled and treated with chemicals to restore its balance.